10 Best Sushi Spots in Bangkok

Are you interested to know where to find sushi food in Bangkok? If you are a Japanese lover, then you probably have asked yourself that same question. Dining is one of the best ways to explore a city when you travel. Hence, it would be a great time to explore Bangkok through their food options. Check out below for a list of the ten most notable sushi spots in the city.

where to find sushi food in Bangkok

1.    Edoya: This restaurant is located in Rama 4 Road in Suriyawong, Bangkok. It comes with a unique menu specializing in sushi dishes and their special sashimi sets. They also have a karaoke bar and lots of promos available for their guests to enjoy.

2.    Takumi: This is the ultimate destination for sushi lovers because the restaurant has a buffet full of sushi options. The restaurant ambiance also offers the perfect retreat for foodies in the upscale Swissotel Le Concorde.

3.    Ozake: This trendy spot in Thong Lor offers an eclectic menu of sushi and sashimi as well as several choices of Japanese drinks or cocktails.

4.    Mugendai Sushi: Aside from sushi, this restaurant has plenty of seafood goodness and Japanese favorites. They also use fresh ingredients from the Tokyo Fish Market. But beware – this is not an inexpensive dining fare.

5.    Isao: This restaurant offers Japanese fusion cuisine that is great for those who want to explore beyond the usual Japanese dish options. However, they have managed to ace their Japanese dishes that even the most discerning diners will leave out the door satisfied.

6.    Bankara Ramen: This internationally acclaimed ramen house has finally made its way to Bangkok, which is why it’s no surprise it made to the list. Aside from the signature ramen dishes, they also have a great selection of sushi and sashimi. It is a must-visit if you want to know where to find sushi food in Bangkok.

7.    Tororo: Located in Ekkamai, the minimalist décor is contradictory to the sushi and Japanese food on offer at the restaurant. Every dish packs a punch and Japanese food lovers will find themselves wanting more.

8.    Honmono Sushi: This sushi joint is frequented by Japanese food lovers due to their unique sushi recipes and enormous servings. The restaurant might be pricey but they definitely make it worth the price.

9.    Uomasa: This restaurant has been around for a long time in Bangkok’s Japanese food scene. They are a local favorite when it comes to classic Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

10. Kisso: Last but not the least, Kisso Restaurant is emerging as the best place to get sushi if you’re in Bangkok. It is one of the most recommended spots for tourists who want to know where to find sushi food in Bangkok. The combination of time-honored Japanese cooking techniques with modern flair, as provided by its top chef Shinsuke Yonekawa, makes Kisso the go-to Japanese restaurant in the city. If you would like to see their menu online, visit http://www.kissojapaneserestaurant.com/. Kisso Japanese Restaurant is located at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok.