Did you know sit stand desks were used in the past too?

sit stand desksEarlier, when famed personalities like Charles Dickens or even Thomas Jefferson used to work, they did so on sit stand desks. They worked for long hours. Probably this is why they were able to accomplish so much more and were productive even as they aged. The same trend seems to have returned. The bad effects of sitting for long hours at work have been highlighted often. Today, the advent of new furniture for home and office work seems to address the concern successfully. Some companies are already making such designs and also providing solutions for existing offices. If you wish to know more about the new generation of office furniture, read on.


Why people are using more of these desks…


The reason why more offices are using ergo desks is quite clear; we use them for health reasons. Ever since people complained about neck and back problems, and also carpel syndrome, the need for alternative office furniture gained ground. One solution was allowing the employees to stand and work also. Some wanted a combination of the two. Hence, the solution came in the form of sit stand desks. As they gained popularity, the sales growth increased. Now the main concerns are of price, the convenience of sitting or standing, and also usefulness for long hours. Furniture made from good materials such as steel and wood score over the plastic or fiber variety. These last longer and hence, people buy more of these.


Comfort level counts


A good quality design will be a bit expensive in comparison to cheaper versions. It may be built of sturdy steel and wood material so that it lasts long. Companies that manufacture furniture will have several models that can be customized with the combination of these materials. They would make such adaptable desks for not only people who have back problems only, but for everyone else too. Eventually, the comfort level of working will enhance the productivity. Hence, the health considerations of everyone, ought to be the main criterion for making office furniture more useful for long term usage.


Why would a single or stand-alone sit stand desks be installed only for specific employees? Maybe some employee brings a doctor’s note that his back needs to be rested and working for long hours at the desk will warrant a different method of work. Health concerns have made everyone aware of the problems that a person faces while at work. Hence, when choosing specific furniture line, one cannot just pick up assembled stuff.


The past becomes present


Often, old things are recycled for their usefulness. Perhaps the same has also happened with the furniture on a very positive note. Standing desks of the past, which were stationary, are now molded into new stylish designs. They can be well adjusted. So one does not have to sit or stand for long hours on the job. The best desk can simply be elevated to suit the person’s height. It works in the long run. On a lighter note, a standing desk is admirable as it may come with a treadmill feature in the future at the work bay!