Erosion Management Practices on a Construction Site

While erosion is a natural process that takes place on a low-scale over time, it is true that development and construction practices can escalate the rate at which erosion takes place. Land development practices during building and road construction can lead to great amounts of sediment run-off. Uncontrolled erosion can reach unmanageable levels, resulting in major land pollution. Against that backdrop, effective erosion control measures are necessary on construction sites.

erosion control

The problem of erosion

Soil particles washed by erosion can find their way in nearby water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and wetlands. Sedimentation can distort aquatic life and degrade drinking water sources. Other problems of erosion include the following:

  • Road wash
  • Clogged drainage facilities
  • Landslides
  • Increased flood hazards

With these problems in mind, you need to employ effective erosion control measures whenever you put up a construction project. In Melbourne, reliable companies can help with erosion control specialists and methods. For example, a reliable company for bobcat hire Melbourne has can help with gabion construction, de-silting, sedimentation control works, and wetland restoration.

Do not ignore erosion issues

If you fail to ignore effective erosion control measures, you essentially pass the problem to down slope regions and the adjacent property owners. This can cause damage to properties and even lead to costly disputes. From the advice of experts in erosion management, the following are basic principles that help in erosion management in construction sites.

Every construction site owner should implement all of the basic principles for effective erosion control.

Erosion control measures

These measures are intended to keep the soil in place so running water does not wash it away. Experts in erosion management in Melbourne can offer appropriate advice on the right measures to take such as building gabions or retaining walls. The more bare soil you have on your site, the higher chances of erosion you have on your site. Employing erosion control measures is the first line of defense against soil wash.

Sediment control measures

Where erosion control measures do not work effectively, you can implement sediment control measures to ensure that soil does not leave the site. Professionals for erosion management in Melbourne can advise on the appropriate methods to use for effective sediment control.

Runoff control

The main cause of erosion is running water. If you can control running water on construction sites, you can effectively manage erosion. Controlling storm water is essential to reducing the effects of soil erosion.


By involving experts in erosion management, you can reduce chances of erosion in a construction site. It is advisable to work hand in hand with reliable companies for tip truck hire Melbourne has to offer. Such companies have experts with deep knowledge and experience in erosion management, not only in construction sites but also in other areas.

Erosion is a major problem that should not be allowed to take root in societies. In addition to construction sites, erosion control measures are important in landslip and soil stabilization, channel cleaning and rural road works.