Happy & Independent in a Granny Flat

It is not an easy decision to leave a cherished family home. But there comes a time in most of our lives when we will have to make a decision to move to a possibly smaller but still comfortable accommodation. Here you will be able to live happily and independently, but will be reassured that your family is still close by. This could still be part of a family home either as an extension or renovation or, it could be purpose built accommodation. Granny Flats NSW, if you are in this part of Australia, could well be the answer.

You may wish to have a new building constructed. Granny Flats NSW has today can find you an extensive range of designs. These are architecturally designed buildings that will provide exactly what you are looking for. Rescon, for one, presents 9 different designs ranging in size from the 3 bedroom Alpine and Anna at 60sqm to the one bedroom studio flat Doris at 20sqm.

Along with this there is a suburb range of inclusions. These are standard additions and not additional items which is often the case with other companies. Among other additions, these include stone kitchen bench tops and soft close doors along with an extensive range of tile and flooring options.

Unpleasant surprises are not welcomed, that is why among other things service connections such as water, sewer and power should be accessed with ease. Indeed, the best granny flat builder can guarantee peace of mind for both you and your family.

You may want to simply extend or renovate your existing property. NSW Flat Designs such as those provided by Rescon will gladly also consider this. All the work will be “in house”. There will be no need to look for other architects or builders. Therefore, no unnecessary delays or problems. Builders will discuss general costings from the onset. There will be no hidden or additional costs.

Rescon can provide a logical, transparent, step by step process that will again reassure you that you are getting the best possible solution to your needs. This starts with a visit by the builder to discuss your needs, and giving a quote. This is followed by a meeting with the Architect and Builder who will provide a more detailed survey and assessment of the site combined with a detailed design. Following this there will be a formal quotation, full tender and specification. A contract will then be signed with a Master Builder. Again there will be regular meetings during construction and design consultation on fixtures and fittings.

All the builders and companies that work are the best in the New South Wales.

Of course a first step will be to visit the very comprehensive Rescon Builders website so that you can find Granny Flat Designs http://www.resconbuilders.com.au/. This will fully expand on all the points mentioned here.

Rescon Builders’ full address is:

Rescon Builders Pty Ltd,

PO Box 3087

Wetherill Park


Phone (02) 9564 0011

Fax (02) 9564 0044

email: [email protected]

Rescon Builders are the primary builders of Granny Flat Designs NSW, in New South Wales.

From the initial meetings to the designing and then construction you will be provided with a home that is a suitable testament to all the hard work you have undertaken during your life close by or still part of your family.