Hydro excavators for accurate excavation and saving time and money

Since the recent past, there has been a tremendous technological advancement in construction industry. Many of the innovative machineries, new methods of construction processes have come as a great boon to the construction industry. Take, for example, earth excavation work, which is now done by JCB, Hydro Excavation and such other machineries.

Quick and accurate:

Earth excavation is always a laborious and time-consuming task. By using these modern excavation machineries, the civil contractors are now able to accomplish the excavation work much quickly and accurately.


The excavation process may sometimes involve digging small holes or excavate smaller areas for laying cables or poles or such other works. In such cases, the Hydro Excavation procedure serves as an ideal option.  This is a non-destructive excavation process which is known for its accurate excavation. In a majority of cases, this process does not require any back filling. As a result, it saves a considerable amount of money.

Some of the salient features of this excavation process could be further explained as follows:

·        As the very name suggests, Hydro Excavation uses water for excavation process. The excavation process consists of two specially designed pipes or hoses. The first pipe is used for pumping water and the second pipe which is a vacuum pipe is used for draining out the mud. The operator pumps water at a great speed through the first pipe. This water dislodges the soil, and the slush is pumped up through the other pipe which is a vacuum pipe. It is for this purpose this process is also called as vacuum excavation Melbourne wide. Check Envirolink for more details.

·         The hose is connected with the pump and water tank, which are mounted on a specially designed truck. It is estimated that vacuum excavation process can accomplish the task in less than one-third time taken by hand digging process and using less than half the labor.

·        Further, this process can be operated on any terrain, except in places where you encounter rocks. On the other hand, the modern excavation machineries are provided with a sensor which detects any of the existing utilities like, for example, water pipe, electrical cable lines and so on. Therefore, it ensures the entire excavation process is flawless. It is for this purpose, this type of digging is also called as non destructive digging.

·        The vacuum excavation is also extensively made use of for cleaning clogged drains, digging utility pothole, verification of underground utilities and cleaning of manway and valve box. Further, it is also used for taking up pre-job surveying, installations of gas or water supply lines and for such other purposes.

·        If excavations are to be carried out in a busy locality, the truck carrying pump and water tank will be stationed at a place where it does not cause any disturbance to the traffic. Thereafter only the hose pipe which is connected to the pump is moved to the place where excavation is to be carried out. Thereby the excavation process can be carried out without causing any disturbance to the traffic.

Cost saving procedure:

Although this non-destructive excavation process appears to be expensive, in reality, it is not so. It saves a considerable amount of time and labor. The work can be carried with greater accuracy. It is for this reason this process of excavation is gaining popularity.