Trees are Our Business in Marietta, Georgia!

Why is a tree service needed?

Trees are an essential part of any landscape but occasionally work will have to be done on them. A tree may have become overgrown. It is blocking out light to a house or garden. The tree growth is encroaching into a neighbor’s property. Branches are starting to get entangled with over head power cables or phone wires. The tree growth may be starting to block or cause a hazard to a driveway or a public side walk. The tree could be getting old, and could cause a real problem if it was to be blown down. A really bad storm and the aftermath could well result in trees being blown over and uprooted. Branches, twigs and leaves could be blown all over the place. There could be the need to contact a professional team to deal with all of this. Therefore, consider looking at this web site:

tree removal

What services are on offer?

Look to a company that will provide a free estimate. That can explain what has to be done and why it has to be done. Also, a very important third point, how it is going to be done.

Trees can be very tall, and difficult to climb safely. It is always better to let a professional cut down a tree or remove a branch. They will know how to go about this. This is a hazardous operation. Again there is a very professional service available:

These services are:

  • Starting with the removal of any tree. It may be fine to cut down the tree as it stands. If things are more complicated then a specialized tree climber will cut the tree down progressively. If the tree does present a real problem, then a specialized crane can cut up the tree safely. Check SCS TREES for more details.
  • A tree trimming service can also be provided. This can involve the raising of a tree canopy and the lower limbs of a tree. Also “sucker growth” can be cleared out along with any dead wood. During the summer in Georgia, there should be a maximum of 20% for the amount of tree trimming needed.
  • It is important to prune the inner canopy of any dead wood or secondary growth. In a large storm a tree that is not “cleaned” will present more of a barrier to the wind. With increased wind resistance there is more chance that the tree will be blown over.
  • There is a thorougher cleaning service provided. This not only involves the immediate cleaning after trees are felled but also the removal of any logs, tree stumps etc. The land can be prepared for any new landscaping or a new garden, if that is needed.
  • A 24 hour emergency service is available. Expert help will be at hand. This also extends to working with insurance companies to make sure everything is resolved properly.

Again please look at this website for all the necessary information:

The tree service provided covers an area around Marietta, Georgia. It provides the best local Roswell Georgia tree service. This professional local tree removal Woodstock Georgia has all that is needed for tree removal.

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